Om Home – The place to stay in Otres!

If you are heading to the south coast of Cambodia you definitely want to check out Otres Beach. The 3km white sand stretch of beach here is far nicer than the beaches that the nearby town of Sihanoukville offers. First of all you should decide where exactly you want to stay; Otres One, Otres Two … Continue reading Om Home – The place to stay in Otres!


Backpacking Cambodia: Must see places!

We spent roughly 3 weeks in Cambodia and here is what we got up to during our adventures! Phnom Penh On our first day in the capital Nicole ventured out to the nearby Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, a former extermination camp and mass grave of victims of the Khmer Rouge. The area is now a … Continue reading Backpacking Cambodia: Must see places!

COPE Visitor Centre, Vientiane, Laos

Whilst we were in Vientiane we took a tour of the COPE Visitor Centre. COPE stands for the Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise. The most common reason people require prosthetics in Laos is due to injuries caused by cluster bombs left behind from 1960’s - 1970’s wartime. Cluster bombs scatter small ‘bombies’ over a wide … Continue reading COPE Visitor Centre, Vientiane, Laos

Koh Lanta Animal Shelter

Whilst we were visiting Koh Lanta we had heard about the amazing work carried out by Koh Lanta Animal Shelter and decided to go and check the place out. Upon arrival we spoke to one of the many volunteers who give up their time to help at the shelter. We were informed that a tour would … Continue reading Koh Lanta Animal Shelter

Leaf & Co Cafe – Kuala Lumpur

Whilst we were in Kuala Lumpur (you can read our KL blog here - A short stay in Kuala Lumpur? Our top three things to do whilst there), we came across a really cool start-up cafe called Leaf & Co on the edges of Chinatown. The cafe has only been open for 4 months and … Continue reading Leaf & Co Cafe – Kuala Lumpur

Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum

As explained in our blog Travelling up the West Coast of Malaysia- Penang & Langkawi Islands, our ticket to the Langkawi SkyCab also gave us entry to Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum which is also located in Oriental Village. We hadn't even heard about this place but we were more than pleasantly surprised by our visit. … Continue reading Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum

Robosquare Museum – Fukuoka, Japan

Our flight out of Japan departed from Fukuoaka airport but prior to this we had a few days to explore the city. As Fukuoaka is a leading city for robotic technology and development, one of the recommended attractions is the constantly evolving Robosquare museum. We took a walk down to the Momochi district and decided … Continue reading Robosquare Museum – Fukuoka, Japan

Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo

Tokyo is full of weird and wonderful things but this surely has to be up there, for the former anyway! Nicole had read about a cafe that allowed you to sip your coffee of choice whilst stroking a few hedgehogs in the process. As you do! We went along and you actually had two animals … Continue reading Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo

The Great Wall of China…off the beaten path.

Okay, so you can’t really call the Great Wall of China a venture as it has stood for centuries, but hear me out. Beijing Alley Hostel and Leo Hostel have recently put on a day trip which takes people to a remote area of the wall, well away from the tourist scene. It was one … Continue reading The Great Wall of China…off the beaten path.

The Shanghai Tower; the world’s second tallest building!

We were fortunate to stay in an apartment in Shanghai with a great view of the Shanghai Tower (well at least a part of it as its rather big). The Shanghai Tower, open to the public since July 2016, is the world’s second largest building. Standing at a whopping 2,073 ft, it has 127 floors … Continue reading The Shanghai Tower; the world’s second tallest building!