Ten days in Laos

After Thailand we crossed the border into Laos and this was now the eighth country that we had visited on our travels. We had two days in Vientiane to start with and this is all you need really to take in the sights of one of the smallest capital cities in the world.


Vientiane architecture

When we were taking a break from exploring you could usually find ourselves scoffing down all kinds in the Scandinavian bakery that Nicole managed to find. However, our trip to the COPE Visitor Centre was by far the most interesting thing we did in the capital and you can read more about our day and the great work that COPE does in our blog, COPE Visitor Centre, Vientiane, Laos

scando bakery

She was like this for about ten minutes

Our next stop after Vientiane was the famous backpacking town of Vang Vieng. The town itself is a sight for sore eyes but the views outside the town are fantastic. In fact, we were lucky to stay in a room with a view over the Mekong and out to the mountains as you can see below.

room view

Watching the hot air balloons float past

Whilst in Vang Vieng we obviously tubed down the river and there can’t be many better things in the world than floating down a river with a beer in your hand, the sun on your back and chatting to different people from all over the world as you do so. Although, I did meet two Evertonians but they wern’t so bad considering.



The sandwiches in Vang Vieng also deserve a mention as they are up there with the best. Half a dozen ladies set up close to the tubing shop and you can get a ridiculously large sandwich for about £2.00. Yes, the calories consumed may take a few months off your life but it’s definitely worth it…trust us.

sandwich making

Sandwich making

After eating a fair few of the aforementioned sandwiches we needed to get active. We decided to climb a nearby mountain which we were told would provide us with great views over the whole of Vang Vieng and that it most definitely did.

Nicole mountain

Nicole leading the way

laos climbing

Reaching the top

After about 5 days in Vang Vieng we took a night bus to Pakse in Southern Laos. We then decided to get out of the heat of the city and rented a motorbike to go and explore the Bolaven Plateau. You can read more about what we got up to in our blog A two day trip exploring the Bolaven Plateau.


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