Koh Lanta Animal Shelter

Whilst we were visiting Koh Lanta we had heard about the amazing work carried out by Koh Lanta Animal Shelter and decided to go and check the place out.

Upon arrival we spoke to one of the many volunteers who give up their time to help at the shelter. We were informed that a tour would be starting in 20 minutes and this is the best way to see and learn about the shelter. Whilst waiting we were greeted by dozens of cats as the cat house is located towards the front of the centre. They definitely looked like they were enjoying their time at the shelter if this chilled out cat is anything to go by!


Enjoying his time at the shelter

The tour began with an overview of the history of the shelter which was started by a woman called Junie Kovacks. Junie took a holiday to Koh Lanta in 2005 and was so alarmed by the number of stray, unhealthy and abused cats and dogs that she decided to sell up her life in Norway and move to Koh Lanta to start caring for the animals.

Fast forward 7 years and Koh Lanta Animal Shelter was built in 2012. They now have capacity to house and care for over 100 cats and dogs and they offer free sterilisation for any cats and dogs on the island. They also take trips to nearby islands to also carry out sterilisations. Volunteers at the shelter include vets and other helpers who assist with a wide range of tasks, all geared towards making poorly animals better again and fit for adoption.


Puppy waiting for adoption

After visiting the cat house we then witnessed the amazing work the vets were doing in the clinical section of the shelter. We then walked through the biggest part of the shelter which housed the dogs the shelter had taken in. A special mention must go to Rosie who is currently up for adoption. Rosie has lost the use of both back legs due to an infection following a bite from another dog, but with physiotherapy sessions put on by the shelter hopefully she will be able to walk again in the future.


Nicole and Rosie

All of the animals that are taken in by the shelter are up for adoption and you will find many cases of holidaymakers visiting the island who end up going home with an adopted cat or dog from the shelter. Within the shelter is a wall which contains photographs of all of the animals that have been adopted and they literally have gone to all four corners of the world!


Examples of successful adoptions all around the world

If you can’t adopt an animal you can always help out by being a flight volunteer. All you have to do is give the shelter your flight details, and if you are flying to a country that an animal has been adopted to, you can take the animal to their new owners who will be waiting at the airport.


Another dog up for adoption

We had a great couple of hours exploring the shelter and left with such a good feeling thanks to the work the shelter are doing. One final thing, the shelter is completely run on donations and if you have anything to give you can visit the shelters website here.


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