Leaf & Co Cafe – Kuala Lumpur

Whilst we were in Kuala Lumpur (you can read our KL blog here – A short stay in Kuala Lumpur? Our top three things to do whilst there), we came across a really cool start-up cafe called Leaf & Co on the edges of Chinatown. The cafe has only been open for 4 months and is partnered with Mingle Hostel which can be found upstairs. It was packed inside which is always a good sign so we decided to check the place out.


Leaf & Co Cafe

The temperature outside was in the mid 30’s so we really needed a cold drink. I ordered a salted caramel ice latte and Nicole ordered a pineapple & passion fruit mojito which apparently was the best mojito she has ever had (and trust me she has had a few)!


Our drinks

Our meals certainly didn’t disappoint either. I went with the homemade tomato meatball sandwich with a side of garlic potatoes and Nicole opted for one of their fresh salads. The food was incredibly tasty, the portions were big and the price fell within our backpacker budget which is always important!


Tasted as good as it looks

So if you ever find yourself walking the streets of Chinatown in KL and you don’t fancy Chinese food, we definitely recommend a visit to this new venture!


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