Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum

As explained in our blog Travelling up the West Coast of Malaysia- Penang & Langkawi Islands, our ticket to the Langkawi SkyCab also gave us entry to Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum which is also located in Oriental Village. We hadn’t even heard about this place but we were more than pleasantly surprised by our visit. The Museum has only been open for less than two years but contains over 100 pieces of artwork making it the second largest 3D art museum in the world.

All of the pieces of art are 3D in nature and provide for amazing realistic photograph opportunities. There are several zones including an aquarium zone, fantasy zone and safari zone where you can interact with all of the artwork.

There is also a spectacular 3D light show in the main hall at various times of the day and you should definitely see this as part of your visit. We had little to no expectations walking in but came out with dozens of cool photographs and you can see our best ones below!











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