Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo

Tokyo is full of weird and wonderful things but this surely has to be up there, for the former anyway! Nicole had read about a cafe that allowed you to sip your coffee of choice whilst stroking a few hedgehogs in the process. As you do!

We went along and you actually had two animals that you had to choose from. Hedgehogs seemed to be the most popular choice but there was also a ‘bunny’ alternative. Never did I think that I would have to make such a decision. Anyway, I actually favoured the less spiky latter option but nevertheless we went ahead with the hedgehogs.


We went with the hedgehog option

So this is how it works. You sit down, order a drink if you so wish and then select your hedgehog. The hedgehog is then brought over to you and then he/she is yours for 15 minutes. You can then swap your hedgehog for the remaining 15 minutes (you only get 30 minutes without a reservation).

My first hedgehog was constantly on the move which resulted in a painful quarter of an hour, therefore for my second 15 minutes I chose a hedgehog that was already sleeping so I didn’t have to do anything but let it nap. Nicole seemed to be forming a far stronger bond with her hedgehog.


Too comfortable?

However, maybe they got too comfortable as one did have a little accident on her…


Thought so…

Anyway, if you fancy a break from Starbucks go and check this place out – http://www.harinezumi-cafe.com/english



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