Robosquare Museum – Fukuoka, Japan

Our flight out of Japan departed from Fukuoaka airport but prior to this we had a few days to explore the city. As Fukuoaka is a leading city for robotic technology and development, one of the recommended attractions is the constantly evolving Robosquare museum. We took a walk down to the Momochi district and decided … Continue reading Robosquare Museum – Fukuoka, Japan


A week exploring the best of Honshu Island

Prior to entering Japan we had purchased a seven day Japan Rail pass which we thought would give us the best chance to see as much of Japan as possible. We activated the pass after Tokyo and then took our first bullet train to Osaka which would be our base for 3 nights. Japan Rail … Continue reading A week exploring the best of Honshu Island

Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo

Tokyo is full of weird and wonderful things but this surely has to be up there, for the former anyway! Nicole had read about a cafe that allowed you to sip your coffee of choice whilst stroking a few hedgehogs in the process. As you do! We went along and you actually had two animals … Continue reading Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo

Konichiwa Tokyo

As we landed in Tokyo during the early hours of the morning we joined hundreds of other travellers partaking in the grim activity of attempting to sleep in the airport. A few hours later, with absolutely no sleep, we hastily got the first metro of the day and headed to our base in Tokyo, Wasabi … Continue reading Konichiwa Tokyo