The Shanghai Tower; the world’s second tallest building!

We were fortunate to stay in an apartment in Shanghai with a great view of the Shanghai Tower (well at least a part of it as its rather big). The Shanghai Tower, open to the public since July 2016, is the world’s second largest building. Standing at a whopping 2,073 ft, it has 127 floors and currently holds the record for the highest observation platform in the world. To keep the records coming, it also lays claim to the worlds fastest elevator that takes you from the ground to the top at 18 metres per second.


Shanghai Tower (far left) on a smog free day

It is free to take a walk around the lower levels of the tower which house a number of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and open spaces. There is also an impressive exhibition which details the story of how the tower was built, offers some interesting insights into the world of skyscrapers and contains dozens of photographs showing the construction of the tower.


Looking upwards from the basement!

The observation platform is found on the 121st floor which provides killer views, reaching out for miles and you can look down on all of the now ‘tiny’ skyscrapers nearby! However, we have to be honest, the backpacker budget didn’t stretch to the 121st floor and therefore we sent up Nicole’s mum who took this amazing photograph for us.


Looking down on the ‘bottle opener’ and the rest of Shanghai

It is also worth seeing the tower during the night as the tower frequently changes colour or has a light show beamed onto it.


Bright lights of Pudong

Therefore, whilst you can’t really miss it, make sure you take in the Shanghai tower if you visit Shanghai!


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