The Great Wall of China…off the beaten path.

Okay, so you can’t really call the Great Wall of China a venture as it has stood for centuries, but hear me out. Beijing Alley Hostel and Leo Hostel have recently put on a day trip which takes people to a remote area of the wall, well away from the tourist scene. It was one of the best things we did whilst in China and therefore it deserves its own blog!

The trip started with a 8am pick up from the hostel and we then travelled about 2 and a half hours to a part of the wall located between the famous BaDaLing and MuTianYu sections. This area of the wall is close enough to Beijing that you can do it in a day, but far enough away from the crowds of Chinese tourists to ruin your pictures! Our guide, Steven, gave us a brief overview of the history of the wall at the start of the climb and then proceeded to get back in the heated bus and wait for us at the bottom! Easy money!

Our group contained about 12 people and bar the odd person we saw along the way, we literally had the wall to ourselves. We hiked and climbed for just over 2 hours upwards, passing 7 towers and seeing the most spectacular views along the way. The wall was built for defensive purposes and also as a show of strength of the Ming empire. I know if i was a Mongolian 2000 years ago and saw that sight, i’d think twice before going any further!

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Having reached the seventh tower, we then turned back on ourselves and climbed back down. Steven, who looked too warm if anything, met us and directed us into a small restaurant near the foot of the wall for lunch. Having built up one hell of an appetite we would have eaten anything at that point, but the food was actually really good. We then hopped back on the bus and arrived back in Beijing for 5pm.

The day trip costs around £25 and includes transport there and back, entry onto the wall and lunch. It was great value for money in our opinion and we would really recommend this trip to anyone wishing to do the Great Wall whilst in Beijing.


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